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I have recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in French and Linguistics. The Linguistics side of my degree allowed me to study in detail the process of language acquisition, and I am very passionate about being a part of this process and being able to observe the stages first hand. I`m tutoring partly to pay for C1 german language classes at the Goethe Institut in Berlin, but mostly because I really enjoy teaching.

Availability: I would be able to tutor at your desired location: after school, at weekends, during the evening, or on certain weekday mornings.

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Erfahrung: As part of my 4-year degree, I spent 8 months working as a language assistant in 3 French primary schools. This involved planning and teaching 45 minute English lessons to classes of 30 children aged 6-11. In addition to improving my language skills, this position has taught me the true value of `thinking on your feet`.
Further, this experience as a language teacher has taught me that two of the most crucial parts of this process are repetition and confidence equipped with this pair, I firmly believe that any learner is capable of mastering a second language. Another of my specialist subjects is syntax and morphology a subject which has deepened my understanding of my mother tongue and which has enabled me to give thorough and comprehensive explanations of how the English language works.

My enthusiasm for pursuing a career in teaching stems from my experience of assisting in year 7 and 8 French classes during my free periods in sixth form. This year, having trained with the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques, I have been able to develop as a language teacher. I have learnt that patience is not just a virtue, but a necessity and I have learnt the true value of having a plan B, or even a plan C. I have also learnt how to plan lessons effectively using the resources available making sure to plan extension work which will challenge the most able pupils, all the whilst ensuring the weakest receive the support they require. This experience, in general, has also taught me valuable lessons in terms of behaviour for learning how to tell when students are losing focus and how to counteract this.

Following my year in France I spent 4 weeks teaching English and French in Madagascar. This involved teaching primary school children in Ambolomajakarivo, helping to run an afterschool English club for children in nearby villages, teaching English lessons in a secondary school in Moramanga, and holding evening English classes for adults. This extremely valuable and enjoyable cultural insight to an extraordinary country also allowed me to continue developing my teaching methods.

I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher, and above all I am determined that every student will succeed in speaking a second language. I am very friendly, approachable, punctual and reliable, with a wealth of experience working with young people. Having recently completed education myself, I understand the pressure involved in the exam process, and can adapt my approach to help each student reach their individual potential.

I am available to provide individual, tailored tuition in French to degree level, as well as English, Maths, Chemistry to A-Level. I would also be happy to provide sessions focusing on revision techniques, strategies for learning, university applications, personal statements, and interview preparation. The effort students put in will be more than matched on my part, and I would be willing to offer the first lesson for free.

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